Sales Tax Exemption for Wholesale and other Tax-Exempt Customers

If you are purchasing for re-sale, you are eligible to have the sales tax charged by our website refunded to you. You will be charged sales tax ONLY if you are located in the state of Texas. If you are located outside Texas, no proof of exemption is necessary to purchase tax free. If you are located in Texas, we must obtain a copy of your Texas Resale Certificate in order to issue a refund to you for sales tax charged. Please go to this link at the Texas State Comptroller's website and print the form. Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate Complete it and fax it to us so that we may issue your credit. Your certificate will be kept on file for future reference. When you order, make a notation that you have a re-sale certificate on file with us so that each time you order, we can automatically credit your sales tax.

Birthday Balloons

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