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SAVE 50 - 75% OFF RETAIL PRICES! Priced by the case for wholesale buyers. Go Bananas! For a party that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys, look no further than our Monkeyin' Around collection! Our whimsical chimps are hanging around with bananas in hand, ready for birthday parties or any fun gathering. Adding some solid-colored party supplies in Turquoise and Mimosa enhances the colors in this theme, and gives your overall decor a custom feel. Your Monkeying Around themed plates and napkins will really stand out when layered atop solid colored table covers, and crepe paper streamers in bright solid colors add a great festive touch. Grab some coordinating solid colored latex balloons to accompany the metallic monkey balloons, tie them to a bunches of real bananas, and voila! Custom centerpieces without breaking the bank! Need more party ideas...all you have to do is ask!

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Safari/Jungle Theme Party Planning Tips

Planning a party should be fun for all, including the birthday child! If your child enjoys these types of activities, make sure to include him/her in all of the pre-party planning, such as developing the guest lists, planning the games, selecting the decorations, even preparing the party treats.

If your child is younger, consider creating a countdown calendar to keep track of the number of days until the party. Think how excited he/she will be by the time the big day arrives!

Make sure you deliver or mail your invitations at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that your guests can respond and plan accordingly.

Set a budget. Before you make any purchases or deposits, put together a list of all your expenses by item. If the total expenses are more than your budget, think of how you can creatively reduce your expenses by trimming some of the less important items. If necessary you may also need to trim your guest list.

Consider limiting your party activities to no more than two hours. At this point the energy level of most children starts to fade, and all of those amazing party activities you have planned will cease to be fun. A two hour party will provide enough time for your child to greet all of his/her guests, play a few games, open gifts, celebrate with refreshments and cake, and say goodbyes.

It's tempting to not want to leave anyone out when planning a party for your child. Will this be a family event, or school friends only? What about brothers and sisters? Remember, it's important to keep the party size managable. If the weather permits, an outdoor event might provide more flexibility if you're working with a larger group. Together with your child develop his/her "wish" list of attendees, and then determine what will work best for your party setting. If the party is a large event with lots of guests, remember to include friends or family who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Think about how you can "transform" areas of your home, yard, or other party space so that your guests truly experience the party theme. Reinforce the party theme with coordinating wall and table decorations. Wild Animals and Jungle Buddies include banners, hanging cutouts, centerpieces, and metallic balloons.

Are you creative? Transform your home into a jungle by hanging crepe streamers from the ceiling to look like vines. Carry the decorations throughout all your rooms and hallways for maximum impact. Hang or place stuffed animals around the room, and if you're looking to really go over the top, use a fog machine and an animal sounds CD to create a true jungle feel! Check the internet, the library, or your local craft store for additional ideas on how to make the most of your in-home jungle.

If your party is at home, don't forget to decorate the outside of your house! This will help set the mood for the party and direct guests to the correct address. Consider: "Welcome to the Jungle" balloons and homemade signs reading "Beware of Lions", "Party Animals Ahead", and "Gorilla Crossing" placed along the driveway and sidewalk.

To encourage participation from everyone at the party, it's always a good idea to stick to simple games that children may already know or can learn easily. Consider starting with something less active to allow the party goers to warm up to each other. It's also good to have these kinds of activities or games at the end of the party also, so that your guests can start to wind down prior to refreshments and saying goodbye.

Think of simple ways to adapt standard party games to complement the theme of the party. These could include "Catch the lion by its tail" (like Duck, Duck, Goose), Jungle animal charades or Pin the tail on the tiger.

Make sure you have enough activities to last the length of the party, and then some. Running out of activities can quickly take your event from loads of fun to a party downer. Remember board games and craft materials can always be used in a pinch.

What would a jungle party be without a safari? Create a fun scavenger hunt for guests of all ages. If you have access to a wooded area, hide stuffed or inflated animals in different trees & bushes along a path and take your group for a safari hike through the woods. The kids will love trying to spot all the different species!

Create a memory book or box of the event. Take lots of photos, everything from the guests, to the food, to the games, and the gifts. Make special note of the current events of the day. Include a few small decorations or momentos.

Use the Photo Op Banner to create fun memories from your party. Include the photo as a momento with your thank you notes - your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and treasure the memory for years to come!

In your invitations, ask your guests to come dressed ready for a safari - including khaki pants, khaki shirt & boots. Upon arrival, pass out Plastic Pith Helmets and Binoculars for the safari. Animal print bandannas would also be fun & easy to make at home!

Favors/Prizes...Look for Jungle Animal Figurines, Binoculars, Canteen Waterbottles, and Animal Masks from Party and Paper Warehouse.

Game prizes are fun for both winners and losers. Keep the prizes simple so others do not feel left out. Make sure to have some silly prizes on hand for the losers as well so they have something to take home.

Treat your guests to a feast fit for a king (...of the jungle, that is!). Brainstorm creative new names for your favorite party snacks. Make brown bag lunches with "cheetah cheese sandwiches", "amazon trail mix", animal crackers & "jungle juice" boxes. Substitute a regular cake for Dirt Pudding - stuffed with plenty of gummy worms!

What's a birthday cake without the candles? Make sure to have plenty on hand.

No matter how much you plan, be sure to expect the unexpected, both good and bad. Be prepared with a good attitude and a camera!

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